Tuesday, February 28, 2017

So Normal

    When I started this blog, my goal was to show how normal an unmedicated bipolar can be and it turns out that can be pretty normal.

    I have nothing to report. Most of the time I feel like I've created an online, public diary because he has such a normal life.

    Do you know what I have to report? Nothing.

    No manias, no depressions. Nothing.

    This is even despite his night job!

    You know what, though? It's amazing.

Thursday, January 19, 2017



Sorry about that.

Well, we've done it!
After hearing that a house was opening, we've managed to POWER CRAM into this awesome house. Before January.

It was nuts! Just crazy time!

In the day time, I packed boxes with my three little helpers. At night on my beloved bipolar's days off, he'd head over and clean the new house. AND CLEAN!

The last tenants left a house full of stuff. a dry rack with dishes. Three beds. Crazy time.

My husband put in new faucets in the bathroom and kitchen. He put in a new shower head setup, a cabinet in the bathroom. We got bunches of new curtains. I wish I'd taken Before pictures, but it was such chaos, I lost my wallet. My phone also fell out of my pocket, and I ran it over. I'm surprised that I didn't lose my butt!

A good portion of our lives is in a giant pile of boxes in what will eventually be the office and craft room.

Big projects! Slow, steady and obnoxious progress.