The Purpose of My Beloved Bipolar

    I started this blog because I love my husband very, very much.

    After he was diagnosed with Bipolar I, I tried researching how to help him. What I found was a giant lack of support for bipolars.
    It seemed to me like instead of connecting with bipolars and giving them tools to cope, doctors like to medicate and institutionalize bipolars without giving them a chance because they seem to think all bipolars are inherently dangerous.
    People in general, seem to think that bipolars are inherently unpleasant, like they are something to avoid.

    It made me so sad to the that the internet thinks my husband is intolerable and in need of oodles of meds, so I started a blog, just an online diary of our daily life together so anyone could see how wonderful our life is and how normal he can be.

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