About Us

Our Backstory
    Nestled in the lovely, expensive college town of Missoula Montana a depressed young mother started doing grunt work for the local paper. There she met a boy and the instant attraction between the two was so thick everyone around them giggled and smiled knowing smiles to themselves until, six months later, the pair finally caved and embraced their entwined destiny.

   Eight years and three more daughters later, the not-quite-as-young-but-no-longer-depressed mother and her beloved husband remain absolutely obsessed with each other.

   When her husband was diagnosed as bipolar she started lovingly researching things like "How to help your bipolar spouse during depression."
   Her heart broke as site after site seemed to just degrade into "(insert number) ways to tolerate your bipolar spouse." Each article seemed to seep with overtones on how unmanageable and unpleasant bipolars "can be."
    Being as deeply in love as she was, it crushed her to see people who's brains worked like her husband's so vilified, so she set about making a blog showcasing the day-to-day life of living with her beautiful, bipolar husband.

The Players

I'm Breezy. That is to say, if I hear someone say "Breezy" I assume they are talking to me. Online I'm known as Shadow. Legally I'm Breanna Kimerly. I'm a miniature-loving fish fiend who most likely is an Aspie.
Fun Fact: Is terrified of underwater human things, like sunken ships or plates.

My beloved bipolar husband is Dan, but on my blog he's Mr. Professional due to his eye for detail and his calm, unforgiving pursuit of perfection in all aspects of his life. He is deeply passionate about parenting, creating professional things and food.
Fun Fact: Comes from two generations of professional food makers.

My oldest daughter, born 2006 and known as Robot Princess on my blog, is a nature-loving bibliophile with a talent for computer coding and a deep passion for arts and crafts. She likely inherited her mother's Aspergers.
Fun Fact: Her favorite Monster High character is Clawdeen.

My second daughter was born 2013 and is known as Bubbles. She is incredibly strong and artistic with a deep passion for all animals. I mean, ALL animals from puppies down to moths and ants.
She is also most likely bipolar.
Fun Fact: Had a proper pencil hold at six months old.

Next is Icy, born 2014. It seems as though she was born to perform copious amounts of mischief. Nothing gives her more joy than pestering people, as is evident from the gleeful screeches she lets out while being chased down the hallway when she grabs things she isn't supposed to have. Like her sister's blankie, or screwdrivers.
Fun Fact: Can open up the camera option on a locked phone.
Bonus Fact: Is strangely good at selfies.

Our youngest was born August 2016 so she doesn't have a nickname quite yet. She's a happy little thing, who lets her growly opinions be known!
Fun Fact: Was born four days after her daddy's birthday and a day before her mom's birthday. 
How improbable!

Also, there's Jesse, aka Professor Fishums, our attention craving foodie. He also enjoys swimming.
Fun Fact: Jesse has dramatically changed color since he was a baby