Thursday, January 19, 2017



Sorry about that.

Well, we've done it!
After hearing that a house was opening, we've managed to POWER CRAM into this awesome house. Before January.

It was nuts! Just crazy time!

In the day time, I packed boxes with my three little helpers. At night on my beloved bipolar's days off, he'd head over and clean the new house. AND CLEAN!

The last tenants left a house full of stuff. a dry rack with dishes. Three beds. Crazy time.

My husband put in new faucets in the bathroom and kitchen. He put in a new shower head setup, a cabinet in the bathroom. We got bunches of new curtains. I wish I'd taken Before pictures, but it was such chaos, I lost my wallet. My phone also fell out of my pocket, and I ran it over. I'm surprised that I didn't lose my butt!

A good portion of our lives is in a giant pile of boxes in what will eventually be the office and craft room.

Big projects! Slow, steady and obnoxious progress.