Wednesday, October 19, 2016


    I wish I could find a babysitter, because I miss my husband.

    Our littlest baby is 2 months old now and, as expected, we haven't had time to ourselves.

    I'd love to chat with him over coffee in the morning.
    I'd love to chat with him over dinner in the evening.
    I'd love to have friends over and drink wine and enjoy some blue cheese.
    I'd love to go out with him.
    I'd love to cuddle up and watch a movie with him. Go eat with him at a restaurant, go play laser tag together, just be alone with him for a few hours.

    I know most of these things will come back after our little one is about 6 months old, however, some of them won't.
    We don't drink when our babies are in the house, no, not even wine.

    My mother-in-law watched them one night, and it was magical. We cleaned, like we always do in the morning, and it stayed that way ALL DAY!
    It was like a mythical phenomenon.

    We were able to relax, thinking that our babies were in good hands. We had wine, and it was such a much, much, needed breath of fresh air.

    After we learned how many parenting differences we do have with her, though, that'll never happen again.

    I fear that we could never just get a babysitter.
    With our tiny bipolar girl and our aspie girl, we'd need a trained professional to watch our girls while we were out.
    That's not to say we couldn't train someone, we could, but it'd take a few sessions with us there, and a lot more money than I have right now.
    Some day.

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