Tuesday, September 6, 2016


    It's much harder to tell when my adorable baby, Bubbles is depressed.

    She could be in a depressive slump after all her rambunctiousness lately, or she could be emotional because there is a new baby in the house.
    She was extremely attached to her bottle, and was extremely attached to breastfeeding before that, so after her bottle broke, it's become her friend. She is allowed to cuddle it in and pack it around like a stuffed animal, we just don't put any fluids in it.

    Well, last night she woke up desperately crying. My husband went in and comforted her. He said she had such a bad dream, it woke her up.
    Not a great start to the night.
    At 5 am she started crying again, complaining that her diaper was hurting her, so I took it off and we headed out to get her another when she started crying about our missing ferret, who passed away about 6 months ago. She was better after some cuddles, but then it started again when she wanted to drink from her cuddle bottle.

    It could be depression, it could be heightened emotions. Either way, that adorable little girl is getting a lot of hugs for the next few weeks.

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