Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Finding your Why

    My husband came out of somewhere a few days ago and told me, in not so many words, that he had rediscovered his why.

    I was first introduced to the concept to finding your why in The Toilet Paper Entreprenuer by Mike Michalwicz, an adorable father who is very pleasant to talk to. 

    I believe knowing your why is very important to all humans persons.
    If you know why you feel like you exist, it's easier to work toward that goal. It's also easier to see opportunities where that goal is achievable.

    Here's how to find your why.
    Take a goal you want to achieve and ask yourself, "why?"
     Keep asking yourself "why" until you can no longer find an answer.
    My example:
       "I want MONEY!"
       "So I can buy groceries when I need to and a house to live in with land for some cows and chickens!"
        "So I can be self-sufficient!"
       "So I don't have to rely on anyone to live the life I want!"
       "So I can feel safe."
       "So I can build myself up to person I can be!"
      "So I can help people!"
     . . . "So. . . people can be helped? So I can feel helpful? Because I want to help people?"
    "Because I want to help people?"

This is my Why. If all I do in my lifetime is help people, I'll have lived a fulfilled life.
    I desire to help people more than anything.

I think everyone should find their why, especially bipolars. 
    I've seen that bipolars tend to be inclined to research, so when they research self-improvement, their manias can make them saner.
   Work on yourself! It's good.

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