Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Fine Line

    There is a fine line between mania and just crazy passion.

    There are three passions that run deep in my husband:

  •  making money
  • cooking
  • and his family.

    I think these might be the driving passions behind everything he does in life.

    It's been 40 days since he's been on his keto diet, and I'm so impressed by how he hasn't broken down and scarfed down a chocolate bar. He has been baking fantastic bread and caramel-chocolate covered fry bread to feed us, in part to live vicariously through us eating it. However, even while cooking, he hasn't even tasted his creations for cook-y, flavor adjusting reasons. So impressive! Yesterday MyFitnessPay congratulated him for losing 23 pounds.

     Part of his family, and actually the beginning of his family, is me. <3
    I think my post-baby inability to be intimate with him is really affecting him negatively. It's usually something we do twice a week, and it's been three weeks of nothing so far. His self-esteem is so incredibly low lately, and I feel so bad for him, but I'm not physically ready yet.
    He keeps saying he's trying to woo me with food, and I really don't want his attempts to go in vain. Such a sad situation. His passion is incredibly flattering.

    His cooking is obviously derived from his passion. His passion for me and his passion for feeding his girls.
    Coming home to piles of goodies is wonderful, and with him lucid and calm, I'm not worried right now, but I know that with how little sleep he's gotten recently, he could slip into a hypomania. Probably food related.

   This is what I came home to the other day!
Mr. Professional calls them 
White Girl Fry Bread.
Fry bread covered in a cream cheese-pumpkin spice frosting with homemade caramel and a homemade chocolate ganache. 

Sometimes I love being married to food crazy cook!

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