Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Morning Goals

    I'm crazy.
    I really want to be able to blog in the mornings before the babies are awake and crawling all over me and trying to jump off the couch and, you know, doing that thing where they're learning, but as a parent, it seems like they're trying to kill themselves on everything! When I started this blog I had grand ideas about art. Since then my beloved bipolar bought the most giantist box of crayons I have literally ever seen, and it sits squarely in it's very hard to reach hiding spot, so Icy can't break or eat any of them.
    I'd also like to pump some milk and cook breakfast before my daughter wakes up with the goal of eating breakfast with her.

    Yeah, but I'd have to wake up at around 5:30-6:00am and I'm not sure if that is feasible.

    Is it physically possible for me to wake up at 6?
    After my beloved bipolar and I are 100% sure ALL the girls are sleeping, we often talk and cuddle, or watch a not-kid movie so we end up getting in bed around 1-2am. I wake up at least 3 times to nurse the teeny tiniest, and then at 7am, it's "Up for the day" time because I have to get my princess out the door to the bus stop. Icy wakes up somewhere between 5-8am so I make sure she doesn't wake up my beloved bipolars; Icy and Mr. Professional. They seem to be alive best when they can sleep til 9, so I do my part to make sure those two can get that rest.

    Very occasionally, I do ask Mr.Professional to get the oldest up for school. It hasn't happened this year, but I suspect it will once or twice.

    Bipolar is a careful balance of sunlight and sleep, and I do find that being a caring spouse is also a careful balance between taking care of yourself and others.
    I'm the kind of person that easily looses track of myself. I've been known to sacrifice too much of what I need to keep those I love happy. It's been hard to learn how to pull back, ask for what I need and let me give what I need to myself, but, luckily, Mr.Professional is the greatest husband for me and is constantly telling me to love myself as much as he loves me (in other words.)
    He loves me an awful lot, so I have a long way to go.

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