Thursday, September 8, 2016

How to: Keep Calm

    Keep Calm and __________.

    Great words. I am particularly fond of;

  • Keep Calm and Knit On
  • Keep Calm and Have Some Coffee
  • Keep Calm and Eat Cookies
  • Keep Calm and Hug Your Children
  • Keep Calm and Buy a Fish (Ok, I haven't actually seen this one, but I can sketch one out).

Keeping Calm to Carry On doing whatever ever you prefer to carry on doing can be a challenge and I've only mastered it after years of hypnosis and NLP training.

   The biggest, most helpful tool we've developed is this mantra, 
"It can happen, and you can be freaking out about it, or it can happen and you can be fine."

    I use it on myself, I use it on RP and whenever I do, the situation fades away.

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