Thursday, September 15, 2016

I can't argue

    When my beloved bipolar goes manic, he tends to pick really awesome stuff to be passionate about.

    He'll come up with these amazing ideas that are really hard to resist and it's really hard for me to tell him to take it slow because I get just as wrapped up in his idea.
    You want to start working out and get super sexy? Absolutely not!
    You want to open a food truck, make at least double, probably triple what I'm making with the job I dislike and fulfil my dream of having a business? Whoa there Buddy! Simmer down.

    It's hard to get him to see things when he's manic, not because he's oblivious to reason, but because he presents such factual truths that I literally cannot argue. There is no logical argument against what he says.

   The only thing is that he floats away from me.

   He digs himself so deeply in his projects that he stops helping me clean. He only cooks when I ask him to and resents anything he does need to do.

   I'm going to ask him to come back to me.
    Wish me luck

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