Monday, September 19, 2016

How much I Love My Beloved Bipolar

    My husband has had two jobs where he was making $2000 more a month than we are now.

    During the first one, we saw him on weekends, and on Wednesdays.
    It was so devastating to our little girl, who was about two at the time, she broke down when she said bye-bye. It wasn't normal little girl "parent going to work" crying, it was "abandonment issues in the making crying." So, he left that job for the second one to spend more time with us. Specifically, to spend more time with her.
    Well, that didn't work out well either because they'd put him up in a hotel every other week, and send him hours away on the other weeks.
   He was too far away when I had our third daughter and he missed her birth because of that job. It's not something he'll ever, ever get over.

    Jobs are never more important than the beloved people in your life.

    So now we live paycheck-to-paycheck, never eating out and never going out to movies or camping. Saving up for back-to-school was incredibly difficult, but it's worth ever lack of penny.

   According to math, I love him enough to pay $2000/month at keep him home with us.

   If you are bipolar, don't let anyone say you're not lovable.

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