Wednesday, August 31, 2016

School Again

    People seem to assume that having three small children, so close in age would be absolutely more than the average person could handle. For us, though, after the second tiny, we had so many tools in place that adding to our kid pile was relatively smooth.

    Having a 10 yr old and a new baby, on the other hand, is much more challenging.

    My oldest is very sensitive so this morning, on the first day of fifth grade, she had a panic attack and we missed the bus. I had to put clothes on the littlest and pack her up in her inconvenient car seat, which I was not planning on doing today.

    Unlike many moms I see on blogging online, I'm not excited for her to go back to school. I'll miss her during the day, like I have since she started preschool and I find it terribly sad how little time I get with her from 4pm to 8:30pm. That's less than 6 hrs to raise my own daughter.
    I don't like my daughter's school. I don't like that she's back in that school today. I don't like the other kids at her school and I don't like the school's anti-bully program, which is really a how-to bully program.

    Over the years my husband has gone manic over a lot of different money-making ideas, and I really, really wish a few of them had worked before now.
    I deeply want to put our little girls in private school.

    As a parent, there are few things I want more than for my kids to be safe and happy.


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