Thursday, August 11, 2016


   Having been with my husband for as long as I have, I can see so much of him in my second daughter and I am 90% sure my little girl is also bipolar.

   Honestly, I have no negative emotions knowing this.
   I'm glad that we did notice because Daddy was able to impart his own coping tools.

   I'm glad that we know, and I wish it more ok for other parents to know when their tiny kiddos are bipolar because those skills are so helpful to learn early in life.

  I'm grateful that I know to just hold her when she needs it, and every day, I am amazed to see her take deep breaths to calm her 3-year-old self down when she starts getting overexcited.

   My daughter is impressive because we love her and because Daddy knew what to teach her to help her help herself.

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