Thursday, August 25, 2016


    I knew it was coming. With our tiny new ball of sleep deprivation, manias are almost inevitable.

    Since our littlest daughter isn't quite two weeks old yet, we've been adjusting to having her around at night. By that I mean, she frequently cries at night and wakes everyone up so I take her out to the living room for us to zonk on the couch.

   Well, my beloved bipolar hasn't been getting much sleep lately and when bipolars don't get much sleep they tend to slip into manias.
    He's diagnosed as Bipolar II (or two as it's said out loud) which means his "manias" are a milder form called "hypomania."

    At around 3 am, while I was on the couch, zonked with our littlest daughter, he came out with a crying Icy.
    He laid her down and covered her with her blanket. After a bit of fussing, she fell asleep, and he went out for a walk.
    As soon as he closed that door I knew. I knew the babies had finally broke him into a mania.

    When he got home, he plunked down on his computer and began his crazy typing.

    This is what a hypomania looks like. It reads from the bottom up

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