Thursday, August 18, 2016

Impressively Normal

    Before my beloved bipolar was diagnosed as bipolar he believed that the feeling of mania was how normal people felt, all of the time so he pushed himself to maintain his manias.

   He got really into finding gold so we bought a highbanker and some metal detectors.

   He got really into gem cutting, so we bought a faceter.

   These were certainly maniac purchases, but we never bought anything we didn't have the money for and these are things we can, and have, returned to.

   We still take road trips and collect gems or dig out the metal detectors and take the kids on a treasure hunt. It's still a fun, recreational bonding experience. I'm certainly glad we made those purchases back when we had the money to, and I'm so happy to be able to use them now that we're lacking money.

    I've heard lots of stories of people in manias selling their houses and what not to feed their manias and it really makes me appreciate how impressively normal our lives have been.

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