Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sunlight for the Little One

    Outside exercise is a glorious thing!
    One thing about living in Montana is all the lovely hiking trails and parks available to us at all times.

    My girls are particularly fond of one called Greenough park, which is named after the couple who donated the land. It's a long, beautiful walk filled with pine and aspen trees, all manner of Montana birds and occasionally bears.
    It really refuels Robot Princess, who sometimes sneaks out a contraband leaf or pine cone and leaves my tiny girls, Bubbles and Icy, peaceful and happy for a day or two.

    The only problem is the massive exposure to sunlight, which can send Bubbles into a tiny toddler mania.

   If I want to let my girls play in our sad, 5' wide, miniature yard every day, I have to keep all the curtains down so Bubbles can save her sunlight for outside time.
    With Asperger's I'm sensitive to the light, so I really don't mind living with the light shut out, but a sunlight is something to be EXCEPTIONALLY aware of, and it changes, each day. In Missoula it can be storming with angry hail and then 10 minutes later, a perfectly beach sunny day.

    Keeping track of how much sleep Bubbles has gotten, how hyper she is and how likely she is to go into a mania really dictates how much outside time we have or if we can go explore our lovely state.
    I have to admit, it's all exceptionally worth it. Living in Montana, with my little cutie, carefully planning around the weather, I'm just saying it's work that takes practice and skill.

    I do recommend visiting Greenough park if you're ever exploring Missoula.

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