Monday, August 29, 2016

Mania Update

    Hopefully, my beloved bipolar husband will sleep in this morning. That will help with his hypomania.

    Usually, his hypomanias show up when he's gotten a bit too passionate about something. It's dangerous to his mind, but it is beautiful to see so much passion, that he literally loses control.
    However, this particular hypomania is very obviously due to sleep deprivation, caused by having a teeny tiny new baby.
    His manias usually look like hours and hours of research, with bright, glassy eyes as he pours over information or gushes about what he's learned. It is beautiful. While he's researching, he becomes an expert in whatever he's researching, putting those who've gone to school for years and years to shame with what he can pop off the top of his head and the discoveries he has by putting pieces together.
   And then, it's gone. A week or two later, he has a mild grasp of whatever he was researching, but the genius is gone.
    I keep meaning to write books when he's in a mania, to harness the amazing piles of knowledge he amasses, but I haven't managed to yet. The knowledge builds up so fast, I haven't been able to collect it from him that fast before it fades away.

    Purely sleep deprived hypomania, however, just leads to off-the-wall craziness, a bit like Jim Carry. I suspect Stamper is bipolar. (Warning, this Stamper video contains inappropriate stick figures, cursing and potato salad spitting).

    Manias, of all kinds, are a lack of inhibition similar to being drunk. The actions tend to come before they can be properly thought out and/or filtered.
    Knowing what I do about hypnosis and NLP, I know that people never violate their very core belief system.
    If you've ever been drunk and "said something you didn't mean to" while drunk? I bet you really felt that way, or maybe you needed to say it for your mental health. That's a lot how manic inhibition works, but it also comes out physically.

   I was doing dishes and handed my husband three cooking utensils and asked him to "throw these over there for me?" I was implying to put them in their container which he was closer to, but I saw he was in a mania, so as he was arching his arm back, planning on throwing my clean dishes violently on the floor (with an adorable smile) I added, "not that way, throw them into their home."

   Last night he said was going to take a quick shower, and as a funny, he added: "unless I was opposed."
   I responded that I was highly offended, so even though we both knew he was kidding, his plans to shower had gone away. I'm not too witty, so it took me a while to form the comeback that I was offended that he would take a quick shower, that quick showers aren't professional enough, and I told him the only true shower to take was a long one.
    That fixed it and he took a shower.

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