Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Light Fight

   Oh boy!

   Those of you who've had a baby might be familiar with the concept that babies need sunlight to help them develop.
    Their tiny new livers have a hard time processing the large amounts of bilirubin produced in their little bodies. Bilirubin is the yellowish pigment that makes the color in bruises. Babies who are a bit early (like mine usually are) tend to turn a little yellow, especially in the whites of the eyes.
    This is called jaundice and while it's not necessarily dangerous in itself, we happen to have a happy lamp for my husband's bipolar and I'm using it to help our littlest dissolve her bilirubins.
    Our seven-day-old daughter needs a sun lamp on and pointed at her to help her little liver filter bilirubins out of her blood.

    Bubbles, our bipolar 3 yr old has been avoiding naps and waking up in the night. She's sleep deprived and too much sunlight can easily trigger a tiny mania in Bubbles.
    I've been keeping the curtains all down all day so we can still go outside for a half hour to play.

    Now, for whatever reason, Bubbles LOVES sitting between the light and the baby.

   It takes all of my Mommy Patience to keep distracting her away from the light, and with my own sleep deprivation, my Mommy Patience is running on its reserves.

   Oh the light fights!

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