Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Pokemon Go

    Pokemon Go.

    It seems like, at this point, sunlight's effects on bipolar is pretty understood. Sunlight pulls people out of depression and can possibly trigger a mania or hypomania if used too much. However, since the release of Pokemon Go, my husband has been outside pretty much every day. It's pro'ly the most natural sunlight he's gotten in perhaps three years.
    (He's shedding his adorable, pale, nerdy skin and getting all tan and freckly! So happy I married a man I find so sexy!)

    Despite this sudden, intense exposure, he isn't manic at all. Not even a bit.

   One thing I don't think people really understand is that Bipolars are often, well normal. I mean, they have times when they aren't in a mania and they aren't in a depression.
    During those times, they have passions and great hugs, just like anyone else!

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