Tuesday, August 16, 2016

My Beloved Bipolar on Keto

   My beloved bipolar husband has been on a keto (ketogenic) diet for almost a month now for weight loss and it seems to have helped his bipolarness out quite a bit!

   Weight loss has occasionally been something he'd get manic about so for up to two weeks, he'd go crazy working out and avoiding carbs or what not, but since being on the keto diet, he has logged his food on his MyFitnessPal app for twenty-eight days.
    Twenty-eight days is a staggering consistency for him, and I assume it is for most bipolars as well.

   He's been consistently, and moderately motivated, being able to push himself to work out when he doesn't quite feel up to it, but not digging himself into a video game hole or working out seven days a week when he perhaps should be sleeping. It's so nice to see!

    He has lost noticeable weight, 10 lbs that I know about, and has gained so much mental balance.
    He is visibly thinner. His good friend repeatedly gushed about how much thinner his face looked, and such when they were out together. I bet he'll be on the keto diet soon. He was noticeably impressed, (and possibly a bit jealous).

    I am so very proud of my beloved bipolar.

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